Behind Enemy Lines: Aaron Breitman Discusses Michigan’s Week 4 matchup with Rutgers

In the latest edition of the Wolverine Chronicle segment, “Behind Enemy Lines,” Michael Smeltzer navigates an intricate dialogue with Aaron Breitman of The Scarlet Faithful, providing a rich Rutgers perspective on the upcoming Week 4 clash between Michigan and Rutgers.

In this enlightening conversation, Aaron delves deep into the game’s key elements, emphasizing the prominence of running back Kyle Monangai, who he believes could potentially steer the team to success with his strength, pitting it against Michigan’s robust defense.

Kyle Monangai and Greg Schiano of Rutgers.

Aaron also turns the spotlight to Rutgers’ quarterback, Gavin Wimsatt, forecasting him as a potential breakthrough player for the game. His performance will be crucial, contingent upon his capability to penetrate Michigan’s adept secondary.

Aaron anticipates a 27-13 scoreline, a result that would certainly have Michigan supporters hoping for a more resounding triumph. For an in-depth and alternative analysis of what promises to be a thrilling encounter, don’t miss out on this edition of “Behind Enemy Lines.”

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