Dusty May’s Plan to Build a Legacy of Success and Cohesiveness at Michigan

Newly appointed head coach at Michigan, Dusty May, was one of the most sought after coaching hires in college basketball this year.
Newly appointed head coach at Michigan, Dusty May, was one of the most sought after coaching hires in college basketball this year. Photo: Getty

The Michigan Wolverines’ basketball program is embarking on an exciting journey with Dusty May at the helm. Known for transforming Florida Atlantic from an under-the-radar team to a Final Four contender, May brings not only a successful coaching pedigree but also a deeply philosophical approach to team building and player development. His recent reflections on his departure from FAU and the ethos he intends to instill at Michigan offer a glimpse into the future of Wolverines basketball.

Dusty May’s decision to leave FAU was nuanced, reflecting a confluence of personal growth, the evolution of his team, and a quest for new challenges. Despite leading FAU to unprecedented success, May felt a shift in team dynamics. “Last year we were in the 100th percentile in team cohesiveness, and this year we were probably in the 95th percentile,” he noted, emphasizing the slight, yet significant change in the fabric of the team. This change, coupled with a desire for a new challenge and personal life changes, propelled May towards Michigan.

At Michigan, May is already laying the groundwork for a team that values hard work, intelligence, and cohesiveness—qualities he meticulously cultivated at FAU. His proactive engagement with Trey McKenney, a top prospect, underscores May’s commitment to blending top-tier talent with a cohesive team ethos. McKenney’s leadership and success at the high school level make him an ideal candidate to embody the Wolverines’ values under May.

May’s coaching philosophy is as much about mental and emotional development as it is about physical talent. He seeks players who are not just physically gifted but also possess the toughness, intelligence, and character to thrive in high-pressure situations. This approach has not only led to improved shot quality and offensive efficiency at FAU but has also fostered a culture of excellence and mutual respect among players.

The transition to Michigan represents a new chapter for May, one where he aims to apply his proven strategies while embracing the unique challenges and opportunities that come with leading a storied program like the Wolverines. His emphasis on recruiting the right blend of talent, character, and work ethic is poised to enrich Michigan’s basketball legacy.

Moreover, May’s nuanced take on his FAU departure reveals a coach deeply reflective about his career and the dynamics of modern collegiate athletics. It highlights the importance of adaptability and the continuous pursuit of growth, both for himself and the teams he leads.

As Dusty May embarks on this new journey, the Michigan Wolverines stand on the cusp of a potentially transformative era. With a focus on cohesiveness, player development, and strategic recruiting, May’s tenure promises to build on the program’s illustrious history while charting a course towards new heights of success. The Michigan community and basketball fans alike await with bated breath to see the unfolding of Dusty May’s vision for Wolverine basketball—a vision grounded in excellence, unity, and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

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