David Cone Interview: Trans Athletes Competing In Women’s Sports, The Legend of Lloyd Carr, and What It’s Like Suiting Up for the Maize and Blue

I had the pleasure of catching up with former University of Michigan quarterback David Cone this week, and he offered multiple important insights, as well as some entertaining stories. Cone, who is now a co-host of the popular sports show “Crain and Company,” is an avid sports fan with a unique perspective and some firmly held beliefs. 


To kick things off, David walked me through his vivid memories of suiting up for the first time in the maize and blue. He fondly remembers lessons taught to him by his former head ball coach, Lloyd Carr, like “never shake a man’s hand while you’re sitting down.” David Cone and Lloyd Carr are forever linked in Michigan football history by an iconic photo taken after Carr’s final game. It was Cone who shook Carr’s hand as the Gatorade bath rained down after the Wolverines’ 2008 victory over the Florida Gators. 

Lloyd Carr and David Cone getting a post-game Gatorade bath.
Photo: MLive.com

The conversation took a serious turn as the issue of transgender individuals competing in women’s sports was brought to the table. David Cone and his show mates, Jake Crain and Blaine Crain, recently interviewed a talented young female swimmer, Riley Gaines. Gaines, an elite University of Kentucky swimmer, was forced to compete against a biological male swimmer that had recently chosen to identify as female.


Lia Thomas, formerly Will Thomas, was seen undressing in front of female athletes in the locker room, exposing their male genitalia to numerous college-aged women. Additionally, Thomas went on to win multiple events and was awarded trophies that were intended for female athletes. Perhaps the most shocking element of the entire scenario was when Riley Gaines disclosed that after defying the odds and tying Lia Thomas in an event, the NCAA officials awarded Lia Thomas the trophy over Gaines, reportedly for the “photo opportunities.” 

“We do not need men standing on podiums and hoisting trophies that are designed for women athletes.”

David Cone is a father to a newborn daughter and an outspoken advocate for women’s rights in sports. He fearlessly addressed the issue with passion and enthusiasm, stating “We do not need men standing on podiums and hoisting trophies that are designed for women athletes.”


Fortunately, we were able to wrap up our conversation on a lighter note, talking about a topic that we both know and love, Michigan Football. When asked if he had any bold predictions for the 2023 squad, David simply said “National Champions or bust, Michael!”