Big House Bleachers: Who Should Michigan Hire as Coordinators?, Top Moments of the Harbaugh Era, and Defensive Depth Chart Predictions

In the latest episode of the Big House Bleachers podcast, co-hosts Michael Smeltzer and Matt Hartwell unpack a whirlwind week for Michigan football. The episode kicks off with the major headline of Jim Harbaugh leaving his post as Michigan’s head coach to join the NFL’s LA Chargers, a move that has sent ripples through the college football world. Adding to the drama, Harbaugh’s departure is followed by his decision to bring along Jesse Minter, the Wolverines’ defensive coordinator, to the Chargers.

In what the hosts describe as a bittersweet transition, Sherrone Moore, the team’s current offensive coordinator, steps into the spotlight as Michigan’s new head coach. This appointment marks a historic moment, as Moore becomes the first black head coach in the program’s history, a move that has garnered widespread support from the Michigan fan base.

The conversation then shifts to speculation and preferences for who might fill the now-vacant offensive coordinator role. Smeltzer and Hartwell discuss potential candidates, emphasizing the importance of finding someone who can maintain the team’s offensive momentum.

Sherrone Moore was announced as the head football coach at Michigan after the departure of Jim Harbaugh.
Sherrone Moore was announced as the head football coach at Michigan after the departure of Jim Harbaugh. Photo: Neil Blake,

The defensive coordinator position is another focal point, with the co-hosts weighing in on who might be a good fit for the role, considering the team’s needs and the direction Moore might want to take the program.

Highlighting the emotional impact of Harbaugh’s departure, Smeltzer and Hartwell share their top 10 favorite moments from Harbaugh’s tenure with Michigan, reminiscing about his impact on and off the field. They follow this with a discussion of the top 10 games of Harbaugh’s career, showcasing the highs and lows of his time with the Wolverines.

The episode concludes with predictions for the 2024 Michigan Wolverine football team’s defensive depth chart, as the hosts speculate on how the team will adapt and evolve under its new leadership.

Throughout the episode, Smeltzer and Hartwell engage in thoughtful analysis, peppered with personal anecdotes and a deep understanding of Michigan football’s culture and community. Their discussion reflects the mixed emotions of the fan base—nostalgia for Harbaugh’s era, excitement for Moore’s historic appointment, and curiosity about the future of Michigan football.

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