Behind Enemy Lines: MICHIGAN VS BOWLING GREEN, Take a Deep Dive into Michigan’s Week 3 Matchup

In the latest episode of the recurring segment “Behind Enemy Lines,” Michael Smeltzer of Wolverine Chronicle sat down with Mitch from “BGFootballTalk” for an engaging video interview. This insightful segment is designed to help Michigan fans familiarize themselves with the 2023 Michigan Football team’s opponents, and this particular interview focused on the team’s Week 3 opponent – Bowling Green. 

Mitch kicked off the conversation by highlighting Bowling Green’s strength – their running back room. He pointed out the remarkable retention of talent in this position group, especially in an era where transfers are common. He highlighted the dual-threat ability of Ta’ron Keith and the return of 2021’s leading rusher Terion Stewart as key elements contributing to this strength. He also foresaw possible changes post-2023, once roles and responsibilities within the group become more clearly defined. 

Despite the glowing review of the running back room, Mitch didn’t shy away from discussing the team’s vulnerabilities. He identified Bowling Green’s offensive line as the group that could be their potential weak link. He lamented their struggle since 2016, particularly in the red zone, attributing much of this to a young offensive line, despite hopes of bolstering the ranks with more seasoned players. 

This comprehensive and candid interview provided invaluable intel for Michigan fans, arming them with an in-depth understanding of their week 3 opponent. It offers a fascinating peek behind enemy lines, and is an essential watch for any dedicated Wolverine fan.

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